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Mouse free OPERA
Posted by Tariq G. Amin, Last modified by Kaize, Ahamed on 06 August 2019 03:49 PM

Mouse Free Opera

In our ongoing pursuit to make Opera more keyboard friendly, I thought I should enlighten you all (specially those who are Fidelio V6 Users), on some of the ways we can assist users move around Opera without the mouse.

Right Click Menu in Billing and AR Menus
Some of you may have heard a comment from Front Desk users about not being able to open the context or ‘right click’ menu in Cashiering without the mouse. However this is not entirely true. If you press Shift + F10, Opera will open this menu and then the user can select the appropriate command without touching the mouse. Whilst I have only seen it working when Window 1 is selected in Quad View and Split View, in Full View then user can easily operate Billing without a mouse.

This same right click work around is possible in the AR Screen allowing Account staff to apply/unapply payments etc without a mouse

This is also the same for the Profile Search Screen. By pressing the Shift + F10 keys you will be able to bring up the Modify Search Grid Option (Provided you are on the correct version)

Enhanced Options
To avoid duplicate keys and to increase navigation speed to Option Menu items Opera has introduced the Enhanced Options functionality. Pressing Ctrl + T will ac tivate Enhanced Options. Then the user simply needs to type the first few letters of the option they want. For example Ctrl + T and then press Dep to bring up the Deposit option.

Registration Card from Reservation Screen
If this is even too many keys, there are some other options. For example to print a registration card from the Reservation screen, the user does not have to go into Options and then select Registration Card. Simply pressing
Alt + R in the main reservation screen will print out the default registration card. The default needs to be configured under Application Parameters. If not, the Opera will show the menu for which registration card the user would like printed.

Profile Screen from Reservation Screen
To access the Profile screen from the Reservation Screen press Alt + .

Info Folio from Billing Screen
Another handy one is to generate an Info Folio from Cashiering. There is no need to go into FolioàPreview, simply press Alt + I in the Billing Window.

If you know of any more, please let me know.

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