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Unlock the User Manager Administrator Account in Sun 4.3.3.
Posted by Syed Qutubuddin, Last modified by Kaize, Ahamed on 06 August 2019 03:47 PM

To unlock the User Manager administrator account, please follow the steps below:-

1. Ensure you are logged onto the SunSystems Application Server as a user with Administrative privileges.

2. Make sure all users are logged out of SunSystems.

3. Navigate to:C:\ProgramData\Infor\SunSystems\Security

4. Under this folder, you should find a file 'Global.Config'. Right-click on the file and open with Notepad

5. Find <serveradminaccess>0</serveradminaccess> 3/4 of the way down the file.Please change the 0 to 1, so the line now reads:<serveradminaccess>1</serveradminaccess>

6. Save and close the file;

7. Go to Start >> Administrative Tools >> Services and restart the SunSystems Security Service

8. Double click on User Manager - it should open automatically without having to log any user in. You are now logged into User Manager as the administrator user.

9. Please make any necessary changes, such as unlocking the account or changing the password, and save and close User Manager.

10. Re-open Global.Config and change the line back to:<serveradminaccess>0</serveradminaccess>Save and close;

11. Restart the 'SunSystems Security Service

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