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BO Interface Invalid Character
Posted by Syed Qutubuddin, Last modified by Kaize Ahamed on 06 August 2019 03:50 PM

Dispatching to Dev for review and request from Region. 

Issue: Assistance is needed in setting a format on a field within a Back Office Export for Pechenga. 

Attached is a document which details how to setup a back office export for Infinium. The issue is in regards to the General Ledger Code that gets exported from Configuration. Most casino's have extremely long numbers, however, when setting the actual GL Account Number within External> Back Office> Configuration> Transaction Codes, there is no room for dashes (-) between the numbers. This causes a problem within the upload to Infinium for clients. 

Requesting help in determining what/how to set the 'format' within the revenue export configuration to make the format of this GL account number be NNNN-NNNN-NNNNNNN or something similar. 

Tested this on nplsuppapp1 , E11 and was able to reproduce. Even if I set the Translation Code to have a width of 36. 

The message prompts you that you can not have over 20 characters. If you review page 6 it also shows that the length is set to 36 

This is a table restriction I believe. Again requesting assistance from dev to see if it is possible to FORMAT this to work as requested above. 

Site retested and is receiving an error " Invalid Character Expression" More > Data Transfer -> Data Transfer -> Populate BOF DATA- GET Revenue Data


Log file shows that the signature of a package DBMSSQL is not the same as the one the form is compiled with. This is now under investigation. 

*** NOTES 8/3/2007 2:46:09 PM mmuller Action Type: Notes SCR 121354 to be released in V4.0.04.03 

Please see SCR 123420 for potential workaround if site is unable to upgrade to V4.0.04.03. Please note downtime would be required. 

Workaround Solution: ----------------------------- Have users get out of the system. ALTER package DBMSSQL COMPILE TIMESTAMP '1968-01-

01:00:00:00' / Then compile the remaining 5 objects using the SMT’s to Compile OPERA Also recompile OXI schema Verify users can log back in and print 


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