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Sun Server Installation Steps
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Sun Server Installation Steps:


1) Pre Requisites:

- Create Groups "SunSystemsClient", SunSystemsServices"
- Create USers "SunSystems"
- Add SunSystems and administrator user to each above groups
- Add SunSystems to administrator group also.
- Run SECPOL.MSC -> Local Policies->USer Rights Assignment->logon service->add user SunSystems
- Install IIS and other features and roles. please see samer video converted slides for the same.


2) Install SQL. RUN the iso file:

- install sql
- start sql server managment studio->login as SA user->go to Security->login->NT Authority\systems->properties ->server roles->sysadmin must be select
- open configuration tool->SQL Server configurtaion manager->enable client protocols
- Open SQL server reporting service configuration
- add Service Account (SunSystems) and press apply
- once above done, then go to webservice URL and click on link at the bottom
- Once URL working, click on Database -> and check the settings
- click on report manager url->click on link to open it.
- Once URL opened->CLick on site setting on top->Security->Click new role assignment->add SunSystemsServices and select both system administrator and system user
- click on Database -> and click on change credientials and test it wit both sa adn windows logins

3) Install all the prequisites under the pre requisites folder.

4) Install infor. click the setup or autorun:

- install infor SunSystems
- Install SunSystems Reporting Services.
- Install Sun Patches
- Install sun patch client tier all three sql, help, srs fpr server.
- User migration.
- give right to the pk1 and pk1 group
- try accessing the SUN systems, it sould work

5) Configure Data Access Module:

- Goto DAR(DATA ACESS MANAGER) ->Configure business unit->run(play button) ->select pk1
- ->Synchorize data module->run(play button) ->select pk1
- Once done-> Click on save button to deploy (must step)
- report manager,

6) Q&A Installation:

- Create DB"QADB" in sql.
- Run the QA exe. ->next->next->untill install -> once install done, click finish (dont go next)
- Select only QnA and Sun6
- First QnA -> Datasource = *<computername> and datavase = QADB ->test the connection by widnowns and sql
- Then, select Sun6 -> Datasource = *<computername> and datavase = SunSystemsDomain ->test the connection by widnowns and sql
- Then goto start->infor QnA-> Maintainance->setup->configure Microsoft office->seleect office->click on apply

7) Creating new DB -> goto BUA:

- Select "BUGROUP" ->click create->
- put TRN as BU code, put format, date details, maximum number of peroids 12,
- under value1 seclect base currecny qatari riyal.
- Press ok->ok-> to create the new BU.
- make TRN online-----by clicking on the put online button.
- CURRENCY CODE-> give other details to QAR like dirham etc..
- Configure the data model then same like on step 5.

8)MIgration of SUn4 DB to Sun6:


- Copy the Sun4 backup into C:\ProgramData\Infor\Logs\SunSystems\Cobol
- New BU should Exit, Create like Step 7 and do configure the data model like step 5.
- Create Analysis Dimension same like in SUN4. you can locate the SSRF backup file to find the T0,T1 ... please note only create the names, description, lookup, length, validate..
- Analysis Structure -> map the analysis dimensions to analsys structure. e,g 901(ledger) to t0 is what t1 is what ....
- Search for Data Migration Wizard-> follow the instruction, imp point are below in sequence.
- Give path for the SUN4 backup file (C:\ProgramData\Infor\Logs\SunSystems\Cobol) adn BU code = name of the BU code in SUN4 (you can check in the backup file usual creates like SSRF-zzz where zzz is the SUN4 BU code.
- Next -> Payment Terms -> Enter Group Code and descriptoon here; For example: Code: P030 Description: 30 days
- Next -> Anaylsis Category Code -> Enter/map here the Analysis dimension ID to SUn4 Analysis Catergory, leave theDefault Analysis code empty.
- Next -> Bank Sub Codes -> Enter like this -> Bank Sub-code: BANK ; Asset Diary Codes: 00001 ; Default Transaction Account code: here put the real ledger G/L Code. you can find it under the SSRF file ; look for the suspense account and put the same code there
- Next -> SunSystems Migration Files -> give this path C:\ProgramData\Infor\Logs\SunSystems\Cobol
- Finish -> param and pay files are created on the above location. you can edit them incase if you put any wrong info in above steps.


- Search for Data Migration (DMG) -> Select Sun4 BU Code and SUN6 BU code where it would migrate.
- First Check datacheck -> any error / warnings will ne shown under cobol fodler.
- once okay, click on static; it will migrate masterdata from sun4(chart of account etc).
- once migrated successfully, click on TRANS to migrate transactions.
- Once done, check TB(trail Balance) report in sun4 and sun6. both should be tellyed.
- Now check referncial Integrity; goto ->BUA-> Select BU(TRN)->Action ->check referncial Integrity.

9) Ledger Setup -> set open period and open dates.


Please do find the required files in Attachment.



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