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Report Service Reported Failed / Grey / Gray Screen when running reports in autosequences and reports
Posted by Rafeeq Mylappuram, Last modified by Kaize Ahamed on 06 August 2019 03:53 PM
Hello Ali,

This is regarding your email request with reported issue was "Report fail to run' We have created a service request on your behalf.

Your service request number is 90531.

We have found that micros Remorting service was fail to function for operation which could be cause of micros report problem.

Note: You may also need to follow the steps below to get Reports to show correctly if the Remoting svc has been stopped in future.

Work around:

1) Stop Micros Remoting svc.

2) Re-Start the World Wide Web Publishing service.

3) Start Micros Remoting svc.

4) Run report. Result = It works!

Kind regards,

Rafeeq Mylappuram

Support – Oracle Hospitality Res 3700, Enterprise Management & e-Business Solutions –

Saudico Electronic Systems

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Riyadh 11411

Saudi Arabia

M: (966) 535-550132

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