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Command for changing password conn sys as sysdba password: alter user fbdata identified by fbdata;
SYMPTOMS Below Error comes up once logging on to MC -> Processing Purchase Orders via email- any B2B action Error encountered loading library:GailWrapper.dll CAUSE C++ redistributable Package has not been installed properly, or .Net 3.5 is not enabled. ...
In MC, we get an Error message when we try to export the invoices to BO after changing to VAT 15%. You need to do as below to resolve this matter. You need to change the VAT15% back to VAT5% to book the invoices to the back office. Once you had done the...
Missing Invoices. This document for solution of Missing Invoices.
Connect fbdata/fbdata@fmcupdate update WARENGRUPPE set wgr_wgrnr=janw_nummer; commit;
SES VAT Implementation Guide lines for all the modules.