How to make OPERA in a Remote Desktop session faster
Posted by Kaize, Ahamed, Last modified by Kaize, Ahamed on 06 August 2019 03:46 PM

Are you annoyed by remote connections, where the entire OPERA screen is being refreshed with every click and it takes ages to continue working?

Here is a little trick to make OPERA noticeable quicker on remote connections (especially RDP):

When connected to the remote server or workstation where you want to open OPERA, prior to logging into OPERA, click on START -> Settings -> Control Panel

Find the “JInitiator” icon

You will see a white box on the first tab (“Basic”) called “Java Runtime Parameters”

Enter the following line in there:

This will force Java to only refresh the piece of OPERA screen, which actually has changed and not the entire screen.

As per Opera development team, this change is harmless and will have no negative impact on the Operation of OPERA.

This is also one of the solution for some refresh issue, not only for remote desktop connection, but also for some client/workstation connection.

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